Surprisingly I feel pretty today

I should really stop eating in bed

So a lot of people either have really oddly shaped butts, or they wear pants that don’t fit properly..

This weekend was fantastic. Mom was out of town, so I had the house to myself and my baby slept over alllll weekend. But now I have to sleep alone :(

I think I have to withdraw from my spanish class.

It feels so nice to know that when I feel worthless and like nothing’s going right I can text you or call you and you’ll be there for me.

Yes, I do need to add sugar to my Frosted Flakes because if I don’t the milk will just taste like milk instead of tasting like the sweet sugary goodness that I want to drink from the bowl.

When you were leaving tonight I had to stop myself from saying something that neither of us are ready for

My boyfran left this on my windshield this morning :)

I need for my hair to hurry up and get longer

So I might be just a little bit dramatic

wtf is wrong with me. why is the last episode of icarly making me cry

Well, no one can say I do anything half-assed. Even when I fuck up I fuck up big

Not being a fuck up would be awesome

Getting dressed for cold weather takes sooo much effort.