My beautiful, smart, seventeen year old sister full of tons of potential is having a baby in nine months. When I found out I was in total shock. I just don’t get it.

She had all this fucking potential and all of these dreams and she was going to go away to college and now she’s just, fucked. She’s keeping the baby and she’s got one more year of high school left. She was somewhat popular and now the majority of those people she thought were her friends are going to fucking turn on her. We don’t get along but I really do not want her to go through this.

Having a baby is going to completely change her life. She can’t go away to a four year college, she has to settle for something close to home. I knew she shouldn’t have gone back to Ohio to live with her mother. She should have just fucking stayed in Orlando with our dad.

It just makes me sad to see it happen. I’m sure that she can still be great at whatever she wants to do, but it’s going to be soo much harder.