Spontaneous car sex is the best car sex

I just heard my mom’s boyfriend. They were having sex. He was loud. I heard the bedframe hitting the wall. I heard them kiss. I heard him cum. This is the second goddamn time I’ve heard them fuck. Why the fuck can’t they go have sex in his big ass house instead of my mom’s room right across the hall from me? Why the fuck does he have to be so fucking loud when he knows I’m down the motherfucking hall? Why the fuck do I have the worst fucking timing in the world??

I’m so grossed out right now. I know that they’re adults and can have sex whenever they want but a little courtesy would be nice. What teenager goes to bed at 12 when there’s no school the next day? Not mee! I’m awake, and disgusted. I was tired, but I can’t fucking sleep anymore because I’m so fucking grossed out.

Just ewww!

After describing to me in detail what he wants to do to me (sexually of course), my loverboy says and I quote “whoo. I love nature.”

I couldn’t help but to burst out in laughter.